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American Football
American Football

American football appeared in the United States in the 19th century as a combination of football and rugby. The author of the first rules is Walter Camp, who wrote them down in 1880, then the concept of touchdowns was introduced and 11-man teams were established. Currently, this sport is especially popular in the United States and Canada. Major events of the year are covered by the NFL and CFL organizations. With us, American football fans can always bet their money by placing bets with very attractive odds.

A popular sport in the United States and Canada

In terms of popularity, American football is the number one sport in the United States, and the NFL is the most prestigious league with the highest media exposure. Having merged with the previously competing AFL organization, the NFL now consists of two conferences - the NFC and the AFC, with 16 teams in each. During the regular season, played between September and December, each team participates in 16 matches. The top six teams from each conference will then advance to the playoffs. The matches of this phase have a knockout format - at the beginning, the NFC conference teams are on one side of the bracket and the AFC conference teams are on the other side. The playoffs culminate in February with Superball, a matchup between the best teams in both conferences. It is also a very popular sport in Canada, where the most important league is the CFL, which was founded in 1958 and currently consists of 9 teams - five of them belong to the western division and four to the eastern division.

American football betting

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American football: things to remember

The key to success when betting on American football is, above all, great knowledge of teams, individual players, coaches and the specifics of the game. This is very useful knowledge that increases the chance of winning. It is also worth noting that American football is one of the least lottery sports in the world. Information about the physical health of the players should also be taken into account. American football is a sport where aggression and tactics count, so it's worth learning more about specific players and always staying up to date. Current statistics can also be useful when it comes to betting on this sport.

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