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Basketball Tournament

The history of basketball goes back more than a century ago. Basketball was pioneered and created in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, an ordinary Canadian physical education teacher from Springfield, Massachusetts. Naismith wanted his students to have fun during the long and cold winter. Since then, basketball has become the second most popular sport in the world, just behind football. Currently, the popularity of this discipline extends far beyond the United States, including to countries such as Spain, France, Argentina, Turkey and China.

Great selection of sports events

Currently, the number of professional basketball leagues in the world is second only to the number of football leagues, and it is constantly growing. Of course, the most important league is the NBA, which has the greatest media exposure and the highest sports level. However, professional basketball is not only about the NBA. National leagues are developing dynamically, e.g. in Spain, Greece, Argentina, Turkey, China and many other countries. And don't forget the big international tournaments like the FIBA Basketball World Cup, FIBA EuroBasket and others. Basketball is also an important team sport at the Summer Olympic Games.

Basketball betting at GGBet with the best odds

Due to the high popularity of the sport, there are many competitions in the world for basketball, which has become one of the largest markets in the sports betting industry, attracting more and more players . We are happy to have one of the best platforms for basketball fans. After a short registration procedure, you can place bets on most of the major competitions. There are two types of bets:

  • normal bet - an attempt to predict the outcome of one match
  • express bet - attempt to predict the outcome of multiple matches

The advantages of betting on basketball at GGBet

Basketball lovers can combine their passion for the game with their typing skills and take advantage of the bonuses available on the GGBet website. When betting on basketball matches with GGBet, players can count on professional support and fast methods of deposits and withdrawals. This online casino does everything to ensure that players have the latest tips at their disposal and can place live or pre-match bets. GGBet also cares about the safety of players and constantly updates the offer of available sports. Among other strengths of this casino, it is worth highlighting the access to the best leagues: NBA, Euroleague, BSL and Liga ACB. You can also find EuroBasket tips on GGBet.

The latter type of bet can provide great profits, because in the event of a win, the odds of all matches are multiplied, which significantly multiplies the winnings. However, remember that you have to predict the results of all matches at the same time. If the result of any match is different from the predicted result, you will lose the money you bet. Another interesting option is live betting on the results of ongoing matches.