PUBG Betting


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game with survival sim elements, developed by Bluehole and distributed on Steam.

Battlegrounds success story

The concept of the game was developed by Brendan Green, known under the pseudonym PlayerUnknown, about whom very few people had heard at the time. He created a mod called "Battle Royale" for another popular title available on Steam: Arma.

The idea was brilliant in its simplicity - players start the match in different places on the map and fight for survival, they have to collect weapons and equipment, gradually moving through the constantly shrinking zone, killing their rivals in the process. The mod gained incredible popularity and eventually became part of another popular H1Z1 game. However, for PlayerUnknown it was only the beginning - after some time he decided to publish his own game and gained the support of Bluehole.

The project called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds became a hit, and in terms of the number of players on Steam at the same time, it even surpasses the industry giant CS:GO. PUBG streams are also very popular, as evidenced by the game's place among the three most watched positions on Twitch. In total, in the first four months of distribution alone, Bluehole sold over 6 million copies. Currently, the main distributor of the game, which will soon be available on consoles, is Steam.

Esports potential: tournaments and betting

Battlegrounds is not only a wildly popular and exciting game, but also has a strong emphasis on competition and esports potential. The project is also very popular with the betting industry.

The gameplay of Battlegrounds is undoubtedly complex, and a perfect understanding of the game's mechanics and high marksmanship are required to win. Although the project has not dropped the Early Access stage yet, almost everyone is discussing its future in esports. It's true that people not only want to play, but they also like to watch game streams, support their favorite players and bet on Battlegrounds.

Developers understand the needs of their fans very well and are considering the possibility of getting involved in esports. It has already been announced that the first major LAN tournament will take place at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The tournament will be organized by the industry giant - ESL, and the event will be attended by 80 players who will compete for a prize pool of over $350,000.

It's worth noting that PUBG is very different from other esports titles with a dominant 1 vs 1 or team vs team gameplay system. However, there is no doubt that the interest in this game is huge and the upcoming tournaments will enjoy a lot of attention from the esports community. The tournament is to ensure a significant acceleration of the development of the e-sports aspect of the project, and thus, the development of the Battlegrounds betting market.

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GGBet Battlegrounds betting: strengths

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