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This variation of volleyball first appeared in 1915 in Waikiki, Hawaii. The applicable regulations resemble those that apply in traditional volleyball. The main difference is the composition of the teams - instead of matches of two 6-person teams, in beach volleyball we have 2-person teams. Although some treat it as a recreational sport, today it has become a professional discipline with national and international competitions, and recently beach volleyball became an Olympic sport. It is a popular sport especially in the United States and Brazil.

Beach volleyball competition

Major competitions in beach volleyball are governed by the FIVB, the International Volleyball Federation, based in Switzerland. It organizes the FIVB World Tour series consisting of many competitions around the world. For example, in the 2018 season, the World Tour featured 49 tournaments with a total prize pool of more than $7,000,000. Each competition has a specific rating from 1 to 5 stars - 1 star is the competition with the lowest prize pool, and 5 stars is the competition with the highest prize pool. The FIVB also organizes the world championships, held every two years - the last one was held in 2019 in Hamburg. In addition to events organized by the FIVB, there are also many regional events in Asia, Africa and Europe. The variety of events available makes it an interesting sport for fans of sports betting, as there are always plenty of options to choose from, so everyone can find the best odds for themselves.

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Beach volleyball: tips for players

On the GGBet website, players have at their disposal an extensive offer of bets on the most important beach volleyball tournaments, including the World Championship, Olympic Games, European Championship and World Tour. Beach Volleyball typically offers outright bets, exact score bets, and under/over bets on the number of sets or the number of points in a particular set. Sometimes players can also bet on which player will score the most points. GGBet offers its users numerous football bonuses and provides a loyalty program for active players. Tip enthusiasts will find here interesting tips for volleyball and other sports.

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