Boxing Betting


Boxing is a sport with a very rich tradition. The first principles of boxing as a sport discipline were created in ancient Greece - already then boxing was part of the Olympic Games. The modern rules originated in the 19th century in Great Britain. Currently, it is the most popular combat sport in the world.

Amateur and professional boxing

Amateur boxing was born in the 19th century as a safe form of professional boxing. The fights are shorter, and clean strikes are the most important, not the amount of damage to the opponent. Previously, all boxers used protective helmets, but since 2016, men's fights do not use head protection. Men's bouts last three rounds of three minutes each. Women's bouts last four rounds of two minutes each. Amateur boxing is widely practiced at the academic level and is an Olympic sport. The world boxing federation is AIBA.

In professional boxing, athletes compete for a prize pool that is shared between opponents. The only form of protection is boxing gloves; head protection is not used. The fights last twelve rounds, which makes the duels much longer than in amateur boxing. Matches are settled by knockout, disqualification or referee's decision. Fights are usually organized by the largest boxing organizations, such as IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO. Each of them organizes its own world championships in seventeen weight categories.

Boxing bets with the best odds

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The advantages of betting on boxing

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