Futsal Betting


Futsal is a shorter and more intense version of football - it is played indoors by teams of 5 players. This makes the game even more contact and more goals are scored. The discipline was founded in 1930 in Uruguay and has been very popular in South American countries ever since. Currently, it is gaining popularity in Europe and Asia, and the governing entities are FIFA and AMF.

The fastest growing indoor sport

Futsal is a rather niche sport, but it is gaining popularity quickly. Its elements, such as a smaller pitch in the hall, shorter time of each half (20 minutes) and five-man teams guarantee more intensity. Players have more frequent contact with the ball, which is why the game focuses more on individual capabilities than on team play. For these reasons, futsal is not only an interesting game for players and spectators, but also gives you a chance to practice your skills. The world's biggest football teams, such as FC Barcelona, regularly play futsal during training.

The first international futsal tournament was held in 1965. Currently, futsal is governed by the AMF and FIFA, which organize various tournaments for men and women, including world cups and regional competitions. Since 1982, the AMF has organized its own version of the World Cup every four years, and FIFA has been doing the same since 1989. Due to the large number of international and regional competitions, there are many matches to bet on - you can always find some with interesting odds.

GGBet futsal betting

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How to bet on futsal skillfully

To be successful at betting on futsal, you need to know the rules of the game. Futsal has several fundamental differences compared to classic football. The pitch is 38-42 m long and 18-22 m wide. The goals and the ball are smaller than in the standard game. In indoor soccer, throw-ins are made with the leg, not the arm. Team changes can usually be made at any time.

It is also worth noting that it is possible, among other things, to withdraw the goalkeeper and replace him with another player. Typically, a match consists of two halves of 20 minutes each. Futsal Ekstraklasa is the most important entertainment in Poland. There are several national teams in the league.

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