Betting on Motorsport


Motor disciplines are a multitude of various events and competitions, primarily car and motor racing, but also racing using other machines, such as airplanes and drones. They are all in one motorsports category. Racing is the most popular here, but there are also other types of these sports, such as drifting and freestyle. Motorsport is governed by two main organizations: the FIA, which covers four-wheeled vehicles, and the FIM, which covers two-wheeled vehicles. The huge number of competitions and disciplines that can be bet on makes everyone find something for themselves.

The most popular competitions in motorsports

Among all competitions in motorsport, all types of racing are the most popular. The queen of all these races is undoubtedly Formula 1, which has dominated the category especially in Europe since its inaugural season in the 1950s. These races are the arena of the fastest cars built by constructors specifically for this purpose. Speeds on long straights can exceed even 350 km/h. Each season consists of a number of races known as the Grand Prix - since 2010, each season consists of at least 19 races that take place on tracks around the world. Another popular car racing series, especially in the United States, is IndyCar, which was born in 1994. The headquarters of the organization that manages them is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. All the latest IndyCar races consist of at least 15 competitions organized in the United States, with the most prestigious event being the Indianapolis 500. Another popular motorsport is the MotoGP series - it is certainly the most important for motorcycling fans. To this you can add the NASCAR series races in the USA, especially attractive for lovers of old cars.

Motor sports betting

GGBet is your go-to place to bet on all the major motorsports competitions with the best odds available. To start betting:

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Motor sports - how to bet

Formula 1, IndyCar Series and MotoGP are the most popular betting sites on GGBet when it comes to motorsports. New players should be aware that those who use current statistics and have experience have a better chance of winning. To better orient yourself in this type of betting, you should pay attention to technical information, rules of the specific race, weather conditions and the latest news. When it comes to betting on the results of a particular player, it is worth paying attention to his previous results and current physical condition. When choosing car races, it is also worth taking into account the driving style of the right driver. If you have any problems or questions - our Customer Service is available 24/7 and can provide you with the support you need at any time!