Snooker Betting


The first version of billiards dates back to the 15th century, but one of its more popular variants was not invented until the 19th century in India by British soldiers. The first rules of the game were developed by Sir Neville Chamberlain. Today, snooker is popular all over the world, and the Snooker World Championship has been held every year since 1927. The game is played on a fairly large table (357 cm x 178 cm) with 22 balls and 6 pockets. One of the balls is white and is called the cue ball, and the others should be pocketed in the correct order.

Professional snooker scene

The professional snooker scene is managed by WPBSA - an international organization existing since 1968, registered in Bristol, UK. Since 1969, it has organized the World Snooker Championship and a series of professional tournaments called the World Snooker Tour, which includes both ranked tournaments where players earn points for ranking, as well as non-ranked tournaments. Good news for those who are interested in betting on snooker - there are many big events throughout the year so you can always find some with good odds. The largest ranking events, with the exception of the World Championships, are the international World Open tournament and the regional events: UK Championship, European Masters and China Open. Non-ranked events include Masters, Champions of Champions and Championship League.

Snooker bets

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Valuable snooker betting tips

The competition in snooker is about pocketing the balls. For potting the ball of certain colors, the player receives a certain amount of points. The game will end after winning 10 frames. Snooker can be bet on live or in pre-match mode. GGBet offers a wide selection of snooker bets, including:

  • on the winner;
  • handicap;
  • number of frames;
  • who will win the 1st frame;
  • race to 3 wins;
  • highest break.

To bet on snooker profitably, it is worth paying attention not only to the condition of the players, but also to the place to bet. In addition, it is worth considering the bookmaker's odds. GGBet offers proven snooker coupons that are highly appreciated by professional players. If you have any problems or questions, please contact our 24/7 Customer Service!