Tennis Betting

Tennis tournament

The history of tennis dates back to the 19th century - the first records come from Birmingham, England. The rules of the game have hardly changed since then. From the beginning, it was a game of rackets on the court, in which duels took place 1 on 1 (singles) or 2 on 2 (doubles, doubles). Although it depends on the rules of the tournament, usually the standings are separated by gender into men's and women's competitions.

Popularity of tennis

Tennis is played in many countries around the world. It is particularly popular in Australia, France, Great Britain and the United States. The biggest tournaments are Grand Slam. It consists of the four largest tennis tournaments played each year, with the highest prize pools and the highest viewership on world television. A Grand Slam consists of four tournaments:

  • Australian Open (January)
  • French Open (May, June)
  • Wimbledon (July)
  • US Open (August, September)

There are also many leagues and local competitions, and above all, tennis is a discipline of the Summer Olympic Games held every four years. This great popularity and the number of tournaments played makes tennis an interesting sport to bet on - it is not difficult to find a match with attractive odds.

Specifics of betting on tennis matches

Before placing your bet, it's a good idea to make sure that the odds on offer are attractive - we'll explain how to do that below. It's no secret that it's impossible to predict the outcome of a match 100%, but you can significantly increase your chances of success. First, it is easier to predict the outcome of singles correctly, because doubles turns tennis into a team sport, which multiplies the number of factors affecting the outcome. Generally speaking, it is best to obtain all possible information about the form of players, their recent results and the history of duels of given players. Even the weather and surface type matter! The general advice is to put aside all sentiment and don't bet on your favorite players to win, but do a cool analysis based on the information you gather.

Tennis betting: what to look out for

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