Volleyball Betting

Volleyball tournament

Although volleyball is not as popular as soccer or basketball in terms of viewership and finance, it still ranks among the top 10 most popular sports in the world. This sport was born in the late 19th century in Massachusetts in the United States. Currently, volleyball is played all over the world, but it is most popular in Brazil, China, Russia, Germany and the United States.

Well developed professional sport

Professional volleyball tournaments are usually divided by gender - men and women play separately. There is also a division into indoor and beach volleyball, this division affects the number of players in the team - in indoor volleyball there are 6 players in each team, and in beach volleyball only 2. The most prestigious tournament is the FIVB World Championship, which takes place every four years and senior teams can play in them. It has also been an Olympic sport since 1964. Outside of international tournaments, it also has the largest number of national associations of any sport, with more than 200 leagues registered with the FIVB. All this means that there are many events with decent ratings, so there is something for everyone.

Volleyball bets with GG.Bet

To start betting on this sport, simply follow the easy registration process and make your first deposit using one of the many convenient payment methods. Check the sports section of the website and select volleyball in the filter on the left. There you can see a list of available events that can be bet on. Then select the match you want to bet on and you'll see a list of available bets, the most popular of which are:

  • winner
  • winner of a specific set
  • total points
  • handicap

Volleyball on GGBet

Volleyball lovers can count on an interesting game and bets on live bets, pre match, long-term and bets on the number of sets. Volleyball betting is also available on the GGBet mobile app. The website offers bets on the European league, World Cup, Champions League and Plusliga. When it comes to betting on volleyball with bonuses, new players have a variety of promotions to start with. Regular players can also take advantage of live betting and bet on the results of popular domestic and foreign leagues. The volleyball betting offer includes the most popular events and boasts national and club matches.

The proposed odds are displayed for each item to bet on. Before placing a bet, make sure you check all the available information - it will help you decide if the proposed odds are beneficial.